What is the best way to long term store Prohormone/AAS these are ideas I have come up with , if you have any other ideas or knowledge please share them with us. I have done some research and have come to the conclusion if most AAS are stored sensably it might be possable to get 10 to 15 years life out of them , the thing to stay away from is liquid suspension and to much heat , exteme cold such as freezing I have not researched enough yet ,but I am afraid it could ruin the AAS to freeze them.

1. Buy a vacume bagger to seal the jars in a vacume bag.

2. Make sure the vacume bagger you buy has an attchment to vacume the acutal jar the AAS is in , normaly this is a puncture needle like device that will puncture the top of the jar then put a vacume on the inside of the jar and you seal the hole with a sticker label made for this purpose.

3. Oxygen absorber packet I need to do more research on these but they have been used for many years to package certain foods and medicines as oxgen is a main culprit on oxydation resulting in all types of ruining of food and chemicals. Can buy them cheaply over certain auction sites over the internet.

4. Silica Gel packs similar to the Oxygen absorber but these keep moisture down as they are dessicants.

5. A cool sroage place devoid of light , light and heat destroy chemicals integrity. year round 60 degrees like a basement in a house.

Discuss bros let me know what you think Thanks