Hey everyone. First off I'm going to post my cycle idea then ask a few questions about it.

Week 1-15: Tren Enth @ ~400 mg/wk
Week 1-15: EQ @ ~600 mg/week
Week 1-15: Test Enth @~500 mg/wk
Week 1-15: Arimidex @ 0.25 mg/day
Week 10-15: Winstrol (oral) @ 75 mg/day

Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/100/50/50

I've done a very similar cycle to this before but without tren or winstrol. First off the doses can be adjusted hence why I put the "~" next to the numbers. I have never ran tren before and thats one of my biggest concerns. I know tren ace is probably prefered for a tren virgin, but I already have test enth and eq on hand from last cycle I want to use up, and since those are two long acting ester steroids, it makes much more sense to add a long acting tren because I would prefer for everything to kick in at the same time so it can work together. The length to be on tren is another concern I have, 15 weeks seem long but from my experience with enanthate ester steroids that the first 3-4 weeks don't really count. But what I could do to reduce the time on tren is to just put it in for the last 10 weeks versus the full 15 weeks. I know for a fact I want to be on for 15 weeks because of eq. Also I've never taken any winny before and I do have a bottle of oral winny I could add in, not sure how long to be on it for (I know a guideline is about 5 weeks for orals because how taxing it is on the liver). Also should winny be added at the first 5 weeks as a form of a kickstart or towards the last 5 weeks to when everything has kicked in. Thats roughly what my PCT will look like, can't get my hands on HCG because of pricing and availability.