Tren + Clen ?? Yay or Nay

  1. Tren + Clen ?? Yay or Nay

    Ok i've tried to research this but i've found limited resources. I am trying to cut while building some lean mass and want to try Tren(19-Nor) + Clen. I remember reading a while back about someone saying this could lead to a enlarged heart ? But I cannot find this link anymore. Has anyone here tried this? My BP from Tren alone is still in normal range and i'd be low dosing the Clen. Just trying to get some INTELLIGENT opinions on this situation.. Thanks!:donut:

  2. you are gonna be hot as **** with these two....but you could do it....or you could wait and use the clen in pct....wait are you recomping or cutting tho....dont f#ck with the clen on a recomp....

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