powerfull and igf-2 while on test cycle?

  1. powerfull and igf-2 while on test cycle?

    I will finish the first part of this cycle next week and begin the second half.
    i am at week nine of test enan 500mg/week, deca 600mg/week. i have one week of this left then i will start another 5 weeks of test enan at 500mg/week with furazadrol at 100 mg a day, and igf-2 and powerfull. at the end of the cycle i will continue using igf-2 and powerfull along with nolva.

    do any of you have any feed back on using powerfull or igf-2 while on a cycle?

    my thoughts were they could help boost GH and keep water down...

  2. why not just get some growth or real igf

  3. money. wouldn't be able to get everything i needed to run it properly. trust me id love to.

  4. ive used powerfull on cycle....i would take three powerfull and a leandreams pre-bed....slept great and felt like 10 million dollars in the morning....but as far as actual body composition results or growth...it doesnt compare to hgh....on the other hand sometimes i have trouble sleeping on cycle....so it was kind of worth it to me....never used igf-2 tho so i cant comment on that...

  5. thanks, i'll see soon enough haha

    i take melatonin with my pre bed time supps, sleep like a baby, i usually take 9mg



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