Do liver protectors really work???

  1. Do liver protectors really work???

    I usually jump from forum to forum and it seems there are a few forums whose members feel that liver protectors are useless. Anyone have blood tests done and noticed a difference between taking them and not?

  2. Theres a difference between taking them or not yes, but also there are questions about liver protectors (and prostate protectors) binding to the androgen receptors and lowering gains. Basically the liver is one of the fastest to bounce back body parts and assuming you didn't abuse the hell out of it before a cycle, and take products at label dose, and don't drink on cycle that they will come back to normal levels a short while after the cycle is done anyhow. SAM-e is a nice one though, as it adds other capabilities

  3. Thanks Easy, I will check out the Sam-E.

  4. Liv.52 is also a popular liver support supplement.

  5. I just bought Liver-RX. Anyone know anything about that? My buddy recommended I take it, so I took his word for it.

  6. I'm using liver-rx as well. I say better to be safe than sorry.


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