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Yikes! I hope you meant 250mg because I don't think I have enough skin to cover 250ml!! Nah I know you meant mg, but I guess the only way you could really smooth out those spikes would be to do something like a 100mg of 4AD orally on days when the prop starts to drop. Isn't the absorption rate something like 15%? That would mean about 15mg is used and since the deviation is only 26mg, it could fill in those spikes.
LOL, definitely meant 250 mg. I built the dosing schedule assuming somebody would do the build your own transdermal from PN, and would put 7.5g in there and do 1 squirt.

Oral absorption is like 5% or 6% with the conversion to target hormone being 15% to 16%. The conversion to target hormone will be the same whether you 're taking pills, doing transdermal, or injecting.

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Personally I'm going to stick with the above cycle. I don't see any problem with the 26mg drop during the week. I figure that my levels are going to be so high that I won't really notice the slight drop. Time will tell of course. My start date is February 2nd and I'll keep a cycle log on the cycle section for those that are interested.
We're thinking along the same lines. Basically, I put the chart together for two reasons:
  • Mental masturbation (ie wanted to make sure my instincts were right)
  • to further emphasize that if the fluctuation in levels from the 2x week injections were having an adverse affect then more frequent injections were the solution as opposed to applying a transdermal.

Good luck with your cycle.