that m1t, m5aa, 4ad pump

  1. that m1t, m5aa, 4ad pump

    is it just me, or i am the only who cant wait to get into the gym.

    ever since i have been on this stack, my strength has shot up, and i am popping veins all over the place.... its like i dont want to quit this stuff..

    top this off with 50mg of ephedrine and i am in a total zone.. expecially with 20mgs of m5aa..

    here is an example of my bi and chest workout..

    8 sets of 8 @ 100lbs preacher ez curls - 1 min rest
    6 sets of 5 @ 335 lbs bench - 2 min rest

    i usually workout with a sweatshirt, but after that 8th set of curls my arms are so full i cant wait to see what they look like.. so itake it off, and say 'yeah baby!!!'
    to be honest this is the only way i love to work chest, is with a set of pumped bis... seems as if i can lift more..

    just a rant.


  2. Are you making sure to monitor your blood pressure. The M5AA,M1T, ephedra combo could definately raise it, just a heads up is all.

  3. man using all this stimulate will work the heart very sifu said watch your blood pressure, and keep us updated

  4. havent really noticed anything unusual.. although i do drop some hawthorne berry and cq10...that does seem to get it down a bit.
  5. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    its been about a week since you posted, how is your cycle going.

  6. alot of people are doing this cycle now and are having the same feeling. they like the stack. the methyl5aa shouldnt do anything to raise BP. there is no water retention and since it blocks estrogen may help keep it lower.

  7. Any DHT derivative can raise BP.
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  8. it can, but by not holding any water you are atleast minimizing it from that side. if you were retaining water as well, the bp would be even higher.


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