liquachem down?

  1. Unhappy liquachem down?

    Has anyone tried liquachem lately? Their site is down, and I don't know anywhere else to get ketotifin.

  2. I think I read on another board(MassMonsters maybe) that they are no longer taking new customers.

  3. I was told he was no longer taking new customers, then when i emailed him (hes a sponsor on my board) he wouldnt even respond to me. So take that for what its worth...

  4. man, that's too bad. i really enjoyed his products and gave great customer service.

  5. anyone have a contact for him ...let's see if we can help him get back up and running.....

  6. yeah, the guy still owed me a small backorder...

  7. Does anyone know where else to get ketotifin?

  8. he experienced a huge increase in demand towards the end of last year and could not cope with all the new orders, hence he shut his site down. I believe he is very low or out of stock on many items due to the extra orders. In an email i got today he said he is looking to be back up and running fully in 20 to 30 days. i guess he he could not complete the orders he was getting then it makes sense. I have an order still owed from last year, he has said its been shipped, i live in the UK so i expect a wait, fingers crossed it gets sorted!

  9. From what I know he has been trying to catch up or fix whatever problems he has ran into,but he is not taking any new customers........

  10. If you get me the contact info then maybe I can sell him what he needs to fill your me his email address.

  11. Has anything been worked out yet??

    He had great prices


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