Dry mouth?

  1. Dry mouth?

    Is it common to feel completely dehydrated and extremely cotten mouth, even chapped lips while on T1-Pro?

    Cause it sure is hell doing it to me. I get drymouth like an hour after applying it.

  2. I have never had either one of those problems.

  3. i myself have experienced chapped lips but not from t1-pro. I had been taking tylenol pm so i could sleep at night and after a few days i had noticed that my lips were getting real bad in terms of dryness.tylenol pm contains acetamenophin and diphenhydramine hcl. So i went and bought just diphenhydramine to take at night and after a few days the dry lips were gone. I am certain it was the acetamenophin causing this. so your asking how does that relate to this? Well, acetamenophin is very hard on the liver and i believe one sign of the liver being stressed and overworked is very dry lips and mouth.
    i also got dry lips in mid cycle of m1t because i ran out of milk thistle so i didnt have any for about 5 days. But when i got more milk thistle and took like 2g a day for the next 4 days once again my lips went back to normal.

  4. Hmm..a symptom of alcoholic liver cirhossis is feelng thirsty all the time(which sucks for alcoholics). I do get dry mouth while on 1-test transdermal - never really thought it had anything to about the liver till now. I always thought it was the androgens sucking water into the cells that made me more thirsty than usual.

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