same needle to draw

  1. same needle to draw

    Is it ok to use the same needle to draw twice? (if you used it to draw only before and not to inject)

  2. Yes, just be sure to swab both vials

  3. yes and someone needs to use the search button because this has been covered before.

  4. I say NO. Never use a needle more than once for anything. They are dirt cheap so why risk possible contamination.

  5. I say no as well but i have. They are quite cheap.... i would say preload an extra syringe for your next injection if you trying to use a needle to withdraw, more than once.

  6. ok wait, think I misread. If you're talking about using it twice, use one day, then use another day, then no, not a good idea. If you mean use twice on 2 different vials back to back on the same day then yes.

  7. I was reading it the same way.. I would say you might use it to draw from two vials at one sitting but not two different days..

  8. This is so confusing.

  9. No joke.. Hard to keep up..

  10. lol thanks guys

  11. I think it is fine especially if you are drawing from a stopper then from and amp, the amp cannot be contaminated because u are drawing the gear and tossing it away.

  12. Cortz those chics on your avatar are what was your question?


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