Trenadrol question.

  1. Trenadrol question.

    From what I have read, we don't know what compound trenadrol actually is. I have read that it is definitely not what is listed on the bottle. Also that it is not the same compound as other "trens". My question is why would we say it has the prolactin sides then? Are we just assuming this from the tren name? Or is there proof of the prolactin existing? I'm a newb so sorry if this is a stupid question. I just would like that cleared up.

  2. Did I stump everyone with this or is it just a stupid question?

  3. No, apparently this is an un-answerable question ie; there is no definative reply.

  4. I leaked 3 days into trenadrol.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    I leaked 3 days into trenadrol.
    Say who......damn.

  6. on trenadrol right problems at all except back pumps but lik 5g of taurine clears that up...stuff is nuts with the strength and vascularity and really good on fat loss. nobody really know what it is. i am however taking alot of support supps with it...and i am stacking it with h-drol

  7. Trenadrol is the closest to actual trenbolone out there. Gains and sides will be higher than the others.
    " Effectively take trenbolone (a nandrolone based steroid) and add a methoxy group at the 17 beta position. Thats it. Trenbolone is really tri-en-bolone aka 3 carbon bonds at the 4,9 and 11 position. So 17b methoxy tri-en-bolone makes it a VERY close cousin. So close a cousin that they have almost ALL the same sides. " - from Voo at

  8. Question: is this a Finigenx Magnum clone [19-Norandrosta-4,9-diene-3,17-dione], or a clone of ALRI/Generic Labz Mega-TRN? If the latter, it is in no way shape or form related to Trenbolone, at all, and Author has stated that before.

  9. the verdict is out on this one.nobody seems to know what it is.ive heard its an estra clone spiked with something.just a rumor though.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jambarino View Post
    the verdict is out on this one.nobody seems to know what it is.ive heard its an estra clone spiked with something.just a rumor though.
    Ive heard same

    hey guys, check out Mdien gains/expectations/sides Now compare them the Trenadrol...
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  11. Used to be 17b-methoxy-trienbolone, back when generic labs had the same clone out. Seems to be the most effective oral form of tren, hence the 2-3 mg doses. I think when that substance was banned/discontinued whatever, kilosports just switched their trenadrol to the 19-nor dienelone version. Later they changed the dose on the label to 30 mg's instead of 3, which would support the dienelone theory. Personally I'm almost positive from experience that it is NOT the same as the generic labs 17b-methoxy-trienbolone product. Old reviews on that stuff seemed harsh at 4-6 mg's and I was taking 90 (or possibly but unlikely 9) mg's with great strength but no intense androgenic sides like were reported with mega-trn. If it was spiked with a little DMT or something that would be cool but shady. It wasn't worth the mystery to me, so I won't use it again. Probably won't get the chance to anyway and I'm not too intent on stockin up on the 19-nor's either.

    I think it's pure 19-nor to answer the original question.


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