Test Base Transdermal or Pin it?

  1. Test Base Transdermal or Pin it?

    I have found a super cheap way to convert androstendione to test base and have a few questions. I know that TNE has a half life of 3-5hrs. So if suspended in water and injected it would have to be done 2xED. That's not gonna happen. I might look into adding an ester, but what about transdermal using the C2G formula? Does anyone know what the absorption rate would be if I suspended 12-15g TNE in the C2G gel?

  2. It would be great as a transdermal. Not sure of the absorbtion rate. Would be great to run with M1t

  3. It should work as a transdermal. I am not am expert on trandermals at all but I would guess an absorption between 20-30%. It may be higher but I am conservative. Also since it is so fast acting you would be able to adjust your dosages easily as you see or don't see results.

    injections would be better b/c product will not be wasted but I think transdermal will work.

  4. OK, lets say I do a saphonification and add an ester. Now its easier to dissolve in oil. That means I could pin it less doesn't it? The only problem I'm seeing with the saphoification is determining how much NaOH to add. The TNE is composed of Test and several other byproducts that are safe to pin but make it a pain in the a$$ to calculate the amount of reagents called for. Would it be OK to add NaOH as an excess reagent and just nutralize with DIH2O when washing to a pH of 7?

  5. I would be seriously concerned about injecting the conversion of 4ad to test no ester.

  6. Just to be clear, I'm refering to Androstendione converting to TNE, not 4AD. The Andro conversion is a million times easier than the 4AD conversion. I get the jist of what you're saying though. Thanks for the input bro!

  7. Bro isn't TNE out of the system in like 5 hours? You'd be injecting more than once a day..that wouldnt be very pleasant. Your bill for pins would add up quick too. Just go transdermal and apply twice daily.

  8. If you do have pure test base, make oil based suspension, which will let you get by with ed injects. And you will not be dissapointed with the results. My favorite test is base, but it does hurt. so you do your shots on a rotation of shooting each body part the day it is to be worked out.

  9. Can someone post the method for suspending TNE in oil, including what amounts of solvents to use.

  10. 5%ba 15%bb will usually suspend 100mg/ml of tne in oil. I've had the best sucess with using just ba, but at very high percentages (15-18). Needles to say if you don't like pain use the first method.


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