What would be best to stack with Phera Plex?

  1. What would be best to stack with Phera Plex?

    I recently tried Dymethazine, as my first ph, and i have 3 bottles of phera plex, plan on doing a 4 week cycle 15/30/30/30, i want to gain strength so i was lookin into prostanozol and furaguno. ( pro hormones to stanozol and furazabol), they both give strength and they dont give much mass, i want mass and strength, so my main question is.

    If i add a Stanozol derivative to phera plex, will it inhibit my mass gains on phera plex? because i hear that winstrol will not give you any mass just strength, so will adding it affect my phera plex? and what should i dose it at.

  2. you could add 13 ethyl jet by md. or p13 m by proven products i think. i remember back when that generic labz had an athlete that went by grexx that said that phera with 13 ethyl is fantastic for mass. you could do "the stack" where you do 3 weeks of phera bridged to superdrol. the two that you name would add little if at all and would probably be better served for a cutter. just my opinion sir do with it what you will. peace

  3. I'd stay away from propadrol and furaguno if you are looking for mass and strength. Defintiely look into non-methylated products. 3-ad is a great option to any stack, but if you are an advanced user then maybe go for superdrol (sides could be harsh though)

  4. I vote prostan
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  5. i heard 3-AD is useless and you dont gain anything, just lethargy.

    something non-methylated, non progrestin with good mass and strenght gains? something like non-methylated epistane or hdrol. i heard propadrol is good but its a progestin and progestin shuts your own testosterone production quckly down for a long term. and its harder to keep it active like before...

    maybe 1-T?

    sorry for my english

  6. I'm on fruzadrol by Axis labs now for 2 weeks and i feel no strengh gains,I'm taking 200mg a day and i think i feel weaker! i am leaning out a lot though,so that is good,that's is why I'm taking it anyways,If you want to cut this is the product for you.so it is doing what i want for me.At times i feel uphoric which is ok.I don't have any energy boost, like other ph's i have taken.It might just be me,the way my body is reacting to this one.just wanted to give you input on the furazabol.good luck brother hope you have a good cycle.

  7. I've stacked trena with pplex and had good results.


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