Best preworkout stimulant(ephedrine free)

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  1. Best preworkout stimulant(ephedrine free)

    I have been taking Ephredrine just about everyday for almost nine years(Ripped Fuel, Stacker and Xenedrine) With the ban coming up, I figured just as good as time as any to quit Ephedrine. I would like to know what you guys think the best pre-workout stimulant is? It can give me the jitters(hopefully, LOL) I want to go to the gym all jacked up. After a hard days work I need something to really get me going. The only Ephedrine free product I've tried is Xenedrine EFX, but it didn't seem to do much except keep me more alert. I want something STRONG. Thanks for your ideas.

  2. Good question , I have no idea ....

    I stacked up with Vasopro awhile back and thought about getting more but eventually I'll have to find somethig else so maybe you're right about 'now' being that time.

    Ephedrine is going to be tough to beat.

    Nine years straight ? How come you're still alive ? I thought this **** is supposed to kill you

  3. Thats why this ban is BS. If you follow directions and don't abuse something and listen to your body, you should be fine. It's the stupid people that wreck it for everyone else. Also I don't need it for fat burning so much, just for that kick in the gym.

  4. BSL's "GO" and m 5aa

  5. Carbohydrates?

    Anyone heard of those?
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  6. caffeine pills........

  7. Just because ephedra is gonna become illegal, doesn't mean that you can't still get it.

  8. ive never tried clen does it give a preworkout buzz? would like to try it soon....

  9. Anyone else take BSL's GO? It seems expensive per serving. I think I might want to try Liquid Clen by VPX before it is banned, it sounds awesome, anyone use this product?
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  10. vpx redline is good for that purpose. i cant tell you its a good fat burner because i dont think so, but its dam good stimulate. try it

  11. Take real clen, don't buy clenbutrx.

  12. so real clen will be good as a stimulant? besides using it for a fatloss product....

  13. Well yea it will aid in fatloss depending on your diet and cardio routine but it will work as a stimulant as well. If jittery is what your anticipating, its anyones guess as it effects everyone differently like most things.

  14. Actually, I think vpx clenbutrx would give a better pre-wo kick than clenbuterol. Clen makes me feel a little wired, and definitely jittery, but it doesn't get me as 'amped' as EC. My workouts are definitely better if fueled by EC, but I tend to do too many damn sets, so I don't take it PW often.

  15. "Go" by BSL

  16. clen, M5AA or stock up on mini thins.

  17. Clen is a bad choice because its half life is so long (unless you plan to use it for fat burning purposes also)
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  18. I didn't see the ephedra free part. Scratch the mini thins then.

  19. Methyl-5AA, I think is best hands down.

  20. High-dose nootropics and brain-related supps.

    Piracetam, alcar, and rhodiola give you great focus. Then again, they're great all day as well.

  21. Looking at myself in the mirror...wait, oh you said stimulant, thought it read depressant...

  22. Nice one Cuffs, LOL! Can you actully feel the M5AA kick in?

  23. yes...........

  24. I do, but since it is not a stimulant it is a different type focus.

  25. Kind of like a souped up tyrosine, with major strength benefits.


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