7oxo into the new Tgel?

  1. 7oxo into the new Tgel?

    ive been thinking of running some 7oxo and have read its better taken via the transdermal route, can anybody tell me if the new Tgel fourmal will be suitable to use with this compound? and how much id be able to get into one bottle?

    if anyone has some views on dose and use that would be welcomed.

    thank you.

  2. For systematic absortion (like FL7) then its perfectly fine. If you want something along the lines of Ab-solved then Mike has a spray for localized absortion.
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  3. thanks for the reply bobo.

  4. I still have some old T gel, & I'm planning to put in 10g of 7-oxo for a systemic anti-catabolic while off cycle. I have been using Absolved as an anti-catabolic & it works great, I'm sure a systemic carrier will be much better.

    I will save the new t-gel for PHs.

  5. i see that black star has a product for pct that has 6-oxo and 7 oxo in it i might make my own from the new t-gel

  6. can you get 6oxo powder?

  7. blackstar and 1fast has it

  8. cheers for the replys.


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