DMSO as a useful adjunct to muscle hyperplasia

  1. DMSO as a useful adjunct to muscle hyperplasia

    Originally posted by Jboldman over at CEM but I thought it relevant to us since we are heavily into transdermals.

    In the past, i have seen cycles recommended such as 4 weeks of winstrol reputed to allow stretching of the muscle fascia followed by a test/dbol cycle that would cause actual hypertrophy of the muscle which would be maximized by the more "flexible" fascia.
    We now have another novel way to maximize muscle growth by allowing maximized expansion of the overlying tissue to expedite muscle growth using topical dmso. This study demonstrates the significant improvement in the in the ability of the overlying tissue for expansion potential via a topical application of 60% DMSO and might explain the efficacy of topical trenbolone acetate on site growth!


    ============================== ==========

    Br J Plast Surg. 1999 Apr;52(3):194-7. Related Articles, Links

    Topical application of DMSO as an adjunct to tissue expansion for breast reconstruction.

    Raposio E, Santi PL.

    Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Genova, Italy.

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of topical 60% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) prior to tissue expansion for breast reconstruction in reducing expander pressure and length of treatment. Forty patients undergoing immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expanders following modified radical mastectomy were consecutively divided into two groups of 20 subjects each: group A (control) and group B (experimental). Patients from group A underwent traditional tissue expansion, while, to patients of group B, before each filling session, topical 60% DMSO was applied to the skin overlying the expander by soaking-wet surgical sponges left in place for 30 min. The average inflated volume was 395 cc (range 250-580 cc) in group A, and 410 cc (range 240-620 cc) in group B; no statistically significant difference was found between these values. A statistically significant difference was found between the expansion time of group A (mean 6 sessions; range 4-10 sessions with one filling session per week) and group B (mean 4 sessions; range 2-6 sessions with one filling session per week). A statistically significant difference was also found between the average inflated volume per session of group A (90 cc; range 60-130 cc) and group B (120 cc; range 90-160 cc). According to the data obtained by tonometry, a statistically significant difference was found between the average pre-filling and post-filling pressures of group A (28.4 and 66.5 mmHg, respectively) and group B (22.1 and 64.3 mmHg, respectively). Clinical benefits of pre-filling topical applications of 60% DMSO observed in our trial were an enhancement of the total volume inflatable per session and a significant shortening of the total expansion period.
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  2. Intresting. So could one apply DMSO to lagging body parts in the hopes of bringing them up during a cycle? If I'm way off here let me know.

  3. Certina AAS have the ability to stretch fascia better than others (supposedly). What you would do is use that AAS along with DMSO either with the hormone or withouth to help in the aid of growth. Basically your making it easier for growth to occiur because of the stretching of fascia around the muscle. SO tehcinally you might have a better chance of localized growth.

    Now this is ALL theory.
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  4. Need to physically stretch the area also. it is interesting

  5. Hello to everyone. This is my first post here but I've been hanging out a while reading and learning.

    I believe the stretching is part of what makes Doggcrapp's routines so useful. After I started using his stretching and training methods, it was unbelieveable how full my muscles became. Could have more to do with stretching the fascia than the muscle so the dmso would be excellent if it can do this.



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