PCT dillema....

  1. PCT dillema....

    Talk about bad timing, I just finished my last cycle of M1t. I went 2 on 2 off a total of 3 times with proper pct between and upon completion of last cycle I got the mother of all flu bugs on the first day post cycle and was unable to take anything for 5-6 days and hardly any food either. I then started my pct and have continued for the last 6 days and have also been eating more and flaxing,etc.. My question is how much will my pct be effected by this and how much time do you think I need to continue pct and time off before next cycle. Thanks for any input.

  2. It seems to me that you'd just continue now like you would have directly after the cycle. The only difference in time would be the time you were sick and couldn't take the meds.

  3. I'd continue your PCT for longer than 2 weeks this time.

    I finished two back to back cycles of M1T and by the time I was doing the second PCT I "felt" pretty shut down, ie got some testicular atrophy going. Judging by the blood test that have been done by people on M1T and PCT, it looks like your T levels don't full recover for several weeks after one short cycle. I suspect that after 2 to 3 cycles spaced 14 days apart that shut down may becoming an issue but I could be wrong.

    I'm taking about 4 weeks off from my last 14 day m1T cycle just to let my body get back (closer) to normal.

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