1. Homebrews

    Just curious what everyones planning on doing after the ban, if they havnt stocked up/run out. I hear alot of people saying better read up on homebrewing, but if u cant get powder, and unless ur experienced in that, what are people gonna do? *Picks up creatine and protien and sobs*

  2. Why couldn't you get powder now and stock up? That's what I've done.

  3. I just spent alot on a few cycles worth, so im not worried about getting powder right now. But im going to in a week or so maybe. Just curious what everyoens planning on making.

  4. Like some nice stacks, im not talking 4-ad transdermal with 1-test, Just seeing if theres anything creative that ppl have done/going to do

  5. Jason read Pogue new faq addition in the stickies, there are some new compounds that are under research.



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