Methyl destroyed by liver?

  1. Methyl destroyed by liver?

    Does anyone know what the liver does to the Methyl group after its ingested? I understand the potential dangers to the liver and the need to take supps to help with that issue. What I'm really interested in is wether or not the Methyl group is left floating around the body after the hormone (or whatever) attatched is used by the body. Does the liver break the chemical bonds in the methyl and destroy it?

    Concern arises due to an article in Scientific American describing some disturbing genetic issues that can arise if too many Methyl groups attatch themselves to ones DNA. Apparently the Methyl group really likes to attatch to the C base of DNA.

    While I can't imagine changed DNA would happen so quickly, (or if its even possible in this case) its something I'm wondering about. As you can tell my knowledge in this area is somewhat weak, so I'm just wondering - not trying to be alarmist.

  2. Don't is excreted.


  3. Thanks Chemo, I figured that it had to be excreted. The article went on to say that they don't really know how to add/take away the methyl group from DNA so I figured I was pretty safe. I'd assume its excreted the usual ways (piss or **** out) - for future reference is this correct?

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