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Halovar cycle question

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    Halovar cycle question

    Alright guys quick history:
    2 previous cycles of epistane in the last 1 1/2 years.

    This is my situation. I want to run another cycle. I got some free unopened halovar from a buddy who bought it but gave it to me because he did not realize this product was illegal in MMA (not the smartest kid).

    Anyhow I got this bottle and I want to do a mild cycle to just spark a little extra growth. I was thinking instead of taking 2 serving a day for 30 days, I would take 1 serving a day for 60 days...... Am I wasting my time? I am not to familiar with this product, any suggestions?

    current supps:
    fish oil
    ON Gold Standard

    post cycle:
    m-drol...... (haha jk, just busting some balls)
    I am thinking about 11-OXO with some Trib thrown in

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    Should still see results.

    Not sure if this is relevant anymore, because you posted two months ago, but taking less for a longer period of time is called "pulse cycling" and it can still be very effective.

    There's alot of info about it on this site, just search the forums for a post named "how to pulse orals."

    Good luck.
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    That's not what pulsing is...pulse cycling is taking it 3-4 days a week, on training days. The idea is to minimize sides and call for a much easier pct by keeping your body producing its own test on the off days

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