First cycle. Been researching for awhile now just waiting till summer to start. Stats 6' 195lbs 13% BF. Aiming for a recomp this cycle getting down to 8% BF and putting on a little LBM.

Day 1-30: Epistane 30mg/day
Day 31-60: Straight 11 Test 600mg/day
Day 1-60: Cycle Support 2 scoops/day
Day 61-88: Nolva 20/20/10/10


Fish Oil
Taurine (if necessary for painful pumps)
Animal Flex
DHEA (only if I'm lethargic)
Creatine Mono (PCT)

I'm planning on keeping my calories at a maintenance level for the first month while on Epi. Hopefully I'll gain some LBM and lose some fat. Then while I'm running the 11 Test I'll drop down to deficit levels and get shredded.

Please feel free to critique. Always looking for more input. =)