Poll on how many people did M1T with no problems

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  1. Poll on how many people did M1T with no problems

    I wanna see how many people say they did a cycle of this without any problems, everyones all crazy about the liver issue now on every forum im reading. Lets hear some other examples besides that guys issue. Who had it good, who had to stop. I think on problem is the fact he was on it 4weeks when its recommended on the site to take it for 2. Just my thoughts, I dont think it was fully from M1t due to how many people used it without problems

  2. I did a 2 week cycle of M1T at 10mg a while ago. The only sides that I experienced was lethargy and minor back pain. Other than that I was good to go. No other problems.

  3. i did a 2 week cycle at 20 mg, cleaned up for 2 weeks and did a 1 week cycle, at 20 mg, didn,t have any real sides.

  4. 2 week 20mg
    2 week at 20mg
    2 week at 30mg

    no noticeable sides cept lethargy...gained the most weight at 30mg but the lethargy was very bad. hard being a student, but when your priorities are correct like mine, its all worth it i use nolva for 2 weeks in between. last time i started nolva when i started my 2nd week into m1t and ran it into the 1st week off m1t and lost not one pound coming off m1t, i'm doing that route again. and this fri i stop m1t at 20mg and will do 1 more week of nolva. i do nolva at 20mg the entire time i'm on it

  5. See thats what I mean, I got 3 bottles sitting here getting all nervous for nothing. If u do it right im sure its okay.

  6. Only 3 bottles? I ordered 5 more bottles so that I could be all stocked up for a while.

  7. I have done 2 ~ two week cycles at 10mg and I had horrible back pain, but I can say this, I also have 11 pounds on me that I didnt have before

  8. 20mg, gave me flu symptoms like no other, 10mg no problems it was a great stack. I ran both for four weeks.

  9. 10 mg qd for 3 weeks, gained 10 lbs (8 in the first two weeks). Some cramping, which was alleviated somewhat with taurine and potassium. Did not notice any lethargy.

    All around, I seemed to tolerate the substance well.

    Looking forward to another cycle in a month or so. Will likely stack with M5AA and keep it short.

  10. Currently, I'm on my third week of a three week on, four week off cycle, using 10mg per day, stacked with a 4AD transdermal. I have begun to experience some lower back discomfort (not quite pain), and some lethargy. I increased my 4AD from 2 squirts to 4 squirts and the lethargy has gone away. I have had some slight cramping, mostly a few hours after my lifting days. I increased my water intake and began eating 3-4 bananas per day and the cramping has subsided. I experienced one headache a few days ago, but this could possibly be attributed to a lack of (no) caffeine on that day.

    As of today, I am up 9 lbs in body weight. I had just dropped 24 lbs of fat since mid October, and as of this week, I am beginning to see an outline of what appear to be abs...I thought I lost those years ago...LOL. However, I do have to stretch myself pretty good to see them .

  11. Into the 2nd week of a 2 week cycle at 10 mg a day. Gained 10 lbs so far (215 to 225) . Lethargy is noticable, and had some trouble sleeping. I suspect this is caused by elevated BP. On my 3rd day into the cycle I didn't sleep a wink all night, so I drank a pot of coffee and took out the wife and kids for some holiday shopping. This was not a good idea. Shortness of breath, flushed face, tingly finger tips, and a feeling of anxiety. Gotta watch that BP. Since then I have been getting more sleeping, doing cardio, increased water intake ( drink alot! ), and have been watching the diet. Since then it hasn't bothered me. You do have to make sure you take of yourself though.

  12. Are you taking Hawthorn Berry? If not, you should be.

  13. Cycle info: length - 4 weeks; first two weeks M1T and dermal 4-AD; last two weeks dermal 4-AD only (love that T-GEL).
    This coming Saturday (1/3/2004) will be my last day of M1T. The only minor side I noticed was lethargy - but then again I was on vacation all last week so I took advantage of "nappy" time and it worked out well.
    As a side note, I read that post about that guy and his liver problem... Well, I've been on maintenance meds for about 8 years and some are very toxic to the liver. However, my liver enzymes have always been normal. My next appointment is in Feb 2004. I'll get blood work done then and I'll try to get numbers for the last few years and compare.

  14. 2 weeks - 10 mg M1T
    400mg 4-AD

    Gained 10 lbs, only side was severe lower back cramping. Painful, but well worth the gains for me. Can't speak as to how much I've kept, as I was laid low with the flu for a week two days after I stopped. Hard to keep on weight when I went 2 days with no food at all, and then 1-2 meals a day for the rest. Damn Flu!! Maybe I should have listened and got a flu shot. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

    Oh, and I was hungry as all hell for the whole time. Just couldn't get enough down the hatch ever. Guess I was lucky to get this instead of the suppressed appetite. I for one am looking forward to my next run in the new year.

  15. 10mg for 10 days gained 15lbs. only stopped after 10th day because by day seven
    I had stopped gaining weight. i didn't use any pct and I have lost 5 pounds and have
    kept most of my strength and it has been 15 days so I'm about to hit the bottle again
    oh yea, next to no sides.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    Are you taking Hawthorn Berry? If not, you should be.
    Yup, 4 grams a day. As I said, lots of water and sleep seems to have taken care of it. As you get older (35) you are more suseptible to these sort of things I suppose. You just have to work harder at taking care of yourself.

  17. I took 10mg/day and stopped early after 13 days. The primarily problems were shortness of breath and steadily increasing insomnia. I also experienced some slight lethargy that was not a factor in cutting the cycle short. I took the usual extra supplements: Hawthorne Berry, Milk Thistle, NAC, Saw Palmetto, etc. Incidentally, this is the first PH/PS that I have ever used where I noticed sides, so I am undecided at this time whether I will run another cycle--especially since the jury is still out regarding hepatoxity issues for M 1-T.

  18. I just did 2 week cycle of m1t. Everything was cool until I drank a couple days in a row around Christmas. DO NOT drink on this ****!!! Cramping became unbearable, lower back pains unbearable and stomach pain like a mofo. Before the drinking I as fine. Put on a lot of quality muscle, great supplement. Next cycle 4aderm/m1t 600/20mg/day.

  19. I took 2 weeks of 10mg stacked with transdermal 4ad/1-test/OHT blend. I gained about 7lbs LBM, but had severe flu from about day 3 to day 10. I had no appetite, which i'm sure hindered gains. I was also taking Milk Thistle at the same time I took the M1t pills, which I now hear hinders the effectiveness of M1t. I had mass lethargy, but no back pain or cramping. I did have some hot flashes & insomnia too.
    I am going to take 20mg with transdermal 4ad/OHT for 2-4 weeks in another month. I hope the flu was just a first time with M1t thing.

  20. Week 1 - 5 MG
    Week 2 - 10 MG + 250 MG of 4AD Trans
    Week 3 - 15 MG + 375 MG 4AD Trans
    Week 4 - 20 MG +500 MG 4AD Trans
    Week 5 - 10 MG +500 MG 4AD Trans
    Week 6 - 5 MG +250 MG 4AD Trans
    I gained 25 Pounds I am in the second week of Nolva and so far I have dropped 6 pounds. Let me tell you the sides didn't bug me until Week 4 at 20 MG. Mostly it was the cramping. Even though I was warmed up whatever muscle group I was working would cramp. I was taking in 1000 MG of potassium and 3 grams of taurine a day at that time.
    I won't do 6 weeks again just wanted to push the envelope and see what would happen. Next cycle is going to be 4 weeks at 10 MG ED!
    On the cycle I took ED:
    2 Multi Vitamins
    Milk thislte
    Cranberry Extract
    COQ 10
    Hawthorne Berry
    Vitamin C
    and drank at least a gallon of water daily. As well as taking in at least 350 grams of protien.

  21. 14 days @ 10 mg
    medium grade lower back cramping
    hot flashes / sweating
    shortness of breath

    no insomnia tho (altho i used 50mgs diphenhydramine nightly)
    no nightmares
    no acne (until PCT when it came in truckloads)

  22. I had no sides until the 3rd week.

    The pumps got really painful (No matter how pleasing they look in the mirror they hurt like the dickens.) and acne came on strong in the third week.

    The lethargy is tough throughout the cycle with good and bad days.

    For 2 week cycles everything is fine for me though.

  23. i did 6wks.10mg a day(non-work-out days)20mg a day(work-out days) m1t + 4ad-trans. sides were -shoulder pain,low back pain, kick-ass painful pumps(actually love those).,the worst side that i had was loss of sleep.
    will probably do the 6 wker again down the road.....also i gained about 25lbs. on this cycle.

  24. to these people that gained the 20lbs on it, were you using a bulking diet? or did you keep your calories around the same??????

    also what kind of time are you giving yourself till the next cycle? i see you used this one for 6 weeks to gain that much, how long are you taking off?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    to these people that gained the 20lbs on it, were you using a bulking diet? or did you keep your calories around the same??????

    also what kind of time are you giving yourself till the next cycle? i see you used this one for 6 weeks to gain that much, how long are you taking off?

    i am trying to bulk up over the winter, so i'm taking in a high calorie (no junk food) diet. as far as waiting, i've been off for only a week and i want to go back on,but i'm going to try going 4wks. i really miss those pumps, it makes you look and feel awsome......


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