Is this enough PCT

  1. Is this enough PCT

    Ok I'm on a cycle of T1-Pro currently. However I don't expect great results cause I don't think I'm getting much in my system as grainy as it is after heating/shaking.

    But once I'm done I doing PCT as follows

    40Mg 1st week
    20Mg 2nd week
    20Mg 3rd week.

    Now after this I'll take a month off and I'm going to do a cycle of M-1T.

    So after the above PCT that will leave 30ML out of the 50ML bottle.
    That leaves PCT in variations of such:

    40Mg 1st
    40Mg 2nd
    20Mg 3rd
    20MG 4th


    40Mg 1st
    20Mg 2nd
    40Mg 3rd
    20Mg 4th


    40Mg 1st
    20Mg 2nd
    20Mg 3rd
    20Mg 4th
    20Mg 5th.

    Which would be best after the M-1T?

    Secondly, after drinking tonight should I take like 20Mg? If so, before I go to bed or that morning? Considering I will be applying T1-Pro that morning as well.

    Thank ya.

  2. Be persistant, heat/shake. Don't leave the bottle in the pot or the bottom warp. Shake hard once its warm.

    You're splitting hairs on your second question, really doesn't matter that much. Do a search or browse the cycle info forum to see what people are doing.

    Why are you taking nolva after drinking alcohol?

  3. I was told in a post in this forum I started entitled "Alcohol" that drinking will raise estrogen levels and Nolva would help after drinking while your on a cycle.

    Also someone mentioned consistent heating will burn the power in the T1-Pro.

  4. Just warm it up and give it a good _long_ shaking don't boil it.

    Keep PCT supps for PCT not for estrogen control for drinks jeez.

  5. put that bottle in the hands of a good masturbator...



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