Hello..I'm new on the forum. I am a competitive tennis player and for crossing training I have been boxing 2x/week for 3 years now.
So tennis is my major with a minor in boxing. I don't really even lift. In tennis we do a lot with the elastic bands (vertimax style exercises). For boxing we do lots of exercises with the med balls, sledgehammer, etc.

My goals are to increase speed & power and endurance with minimal weight gain.
Its so easy to find info. for cycles with bodybuilding goals on this site.....but not much about juicing for tennis/boxing.

I plan on taking test prop 100mg/masteron 100mg 3x's a week....along with 20mg oral tbol a day. I'm fairly tall 6'2" and weigh around 205. I'm 37 years old. Quickness & endurance are my main goals.
For those goals, how does this cycle sound?...Oh yeah, and I'm taking 5IU HGH every other day
Any advice would be greatly appreciated