Nor Tren 19 with Enavart by Element Nutrition

  1. Nor Tren 19 with Enavart by Element Nutrition

    Hey everyone,
    I am new to the site and still trying to get the hang of this site so hopefully this is the right section. I have been looking for some advice on some supplements I plan on taking soon. Last month I took Xtreme Tren and loved the results. I want to try nor tren 19 and possibly stack it with Enavart by Element Nutrition. Does anyone have any suggestions as to if this is a good idea or not? Tren alone is great so maybe stacking it with Enavart isn't necessary. I eat nothing but clean foods (tuna, chicken, fish, veggies, etc.). I usually run at a 50% pace right away in the morning on an empty stomach (only protein shake before I run) and then I go back to the gym a few hours later and do my weight training. I probably won't start this new cycle until May. Any suggestions on these supplements and my training would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Enavart is a superdrol clone, one of the more potent and harsh ds out there. I would suggest stacking it with something less harsh. epi or hdrol. Just make sure you have all your support supplements in order. What will be your PCT?

  3. superdrol clone? heh.. dont stack it

  4. I have been told to try Aromasin or Nolvadex. For some reason a few people at my gym insist that since Tren doesn't convert to estrogen PCT isn't needed. I'm not gonna take any chances. So I dunno if there are any better PCT out there or not I have just been told these two are one of the better ones. I still don't know if I should stack it or not, Tren alone kicks ass in my opinion.

  5. I think you need to do more research. Most if not all ph/ds will require pct. I suggest reading the stickies.

  6. Ceaston, just double checking something here; Last month you took Xtreme Tren. What did you use for PCT?

  7. I took 6oxo. Which wasn't the best choice, I know, but to be completly honest I haven't lost any of my gains and my weight has stayed constant, bf is the same, and no side effects.

  8. i think low doses of super and estra 4 9 would work well....on the other hand you sir def need to do some research....6-oxo is not a may have gotten lucky...but you may also have some underlying problems that you cant "feel".....


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