The ONE for powerlifters?

  1. The ONE for powerlifters?

    What's everyone's suggestions on using The ONE for someone on the West Side Barbell method of training?
    I have a lot of time for research/advice/tips/etc. since I am going for surgery on my knee (plica) May 29th, and will be out of commision for some time. I will probably just change it up to a 5-3-1 method.

  2. so something for basically strength right? i would say a "tren" or superdrol IMO

  3. DHT is supposed to help with motor cell recruitment, so raw strength would be one of the major benefits, but I can't comment on the actual effectiveness of the compound or validity of its claims. On another note, I LOVE 5-3-1 training.

  4. hhhmmm interesting question. hopefully we get some good responses

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