mmv2 vs epistane

  1. mmv2 vs epistane

    For a cutting/recomp cycle which one do you guys think is better, epi or mmv2? Any opinions/experiences with either product would be appreciated as I'm trying to decided what to get for my next cycle in a week or so

  2. I will give you my .02 but I'm sure there are more with more experience. I have no experience with mmv2. I am just about done with a 4 week epi and I am currently bridging it into a trenadrol cycle. Total length is 6.5 weeks roughly. My experience with epi so far is that it seems to be working quite well for recomp as this is what my goal was too. My weight has basically stayed the same since I started the cycle. At one point the weight went up a little but is back down. I have gained quite a bit of muscle and lost a lot of fat too. As far as exact numbers, I couldn't really tell you. If I had to guess, I would say that I have gained 6-8 lbs and lost that much fat. Just a guess though. I didn't do a bf check.

    Also, have you done any cycles before. If you have, epi may be a bit weak. This is my first and I liked it but it's definitely on the weak side. I can feel it though. Pumps and vascularity are awesome and I am not taking creatine or NO or anything else.

  3. I've done SD, Pplex, Prostanozol and winstrol.

  4. epi should be your choice here my man.....

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