spot reduction - by michael gundhill

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  1. spot reduction - by michael gundhill

    With very frequent workouts, on the order of at least three daily ab workouts for men, over time the body will adapt by reducing esterification—that is, the likelihood that new fatty acids produced through the basal renewal will enter fat cells.Micheal gundill even quotes some specialists who claim “The triglycerides in fat cells are renewed about once every two to three weeks."
    rationale is that by increasing blood flow to a troublesome body part which, in this case, is the abs for most men, we limit the amount of fatty acids that can reenter the cell during the basal renewal process:
    "The greater blood flow doesn't drop your body fat percentage, but the amount of blood flow controls the location of the fat deposits. How is that possible? It determines where new fatty acids will be located."

    any thoughts on this ? very interesting .

  2. Interesting thought or theory! In all my readings both in nutrition biochem and finally exersise phys i have never heard of this nor have I ever heard of this being tried. three ab workouts a day huh? I wonder what the ratio of fatty acid displacement is? Again it might be an interesting theory but I cant believe it has actually been research or tested. I might be very wrong on this subject but like I said I never have read anything like this before with studdies. Infact I am not even sure you could test this?

    good thought to try though!!

  3. well , frequent use of the forearm for example , keeps it lean , an indivudual could get pretty damn fat and yet his forearms would be lean , simple reason being frequent blood flow ... something on the lines as above ... common thing overlooked ?

  4. Interesting. I will do some questioning and get back with more info.

  5. Interesting I'm going to ask around as well and see what comes up. But that's alot of ab work. Is he saying three time daily every day?

  6. Like we talked about earlier, even truly obese people also have leaner calves when compared to the rest of their body. I remember a study from years ago suggesting that by doing 30 sec concentrations of the abs you could speed up fatloss in that area. Tried it for like 3-4 days then forgot to keep trying it, but it is something to think about.

  7. very interesting indeed ray.....never would have even thought about that angle

    we need some studies to try and back up some of this if at all possible, but this seems promising

  8. Just to play devils advocate to the calf and forearm thing. Chances are there are genetically less adipose depositories, ie places to store fat in those areas. So using them as a reference seems a bit far fetched. And one thing I would be interesed in checking on would be someone whom has say cancer of the lungs or cystic fibrosis or for that matter any type of disease that makes you cough very frequently. and check there abs. as you know coughing can really burn the heck out of your abs and if you are doing it for a long period and for more than say a week at a time then with this example the fat stores should be smaller. But in reality this would even be a scewed study as most of these people cant eat enough anyway. again a great theory one I could use to my advantage if it were true. I would be the top trainer in VA, with all my cllients loosing ab fat man that really would be a great thing. Everyone that is working on researching this let us know.

    good thread though makes us use our brains! Thanks Ray!


  9. spoke about this with author l rea , his reply :
    "Yes, this is true to an extent that is somewhat controllable.

    Consider this: When we train an area we alter the chemistry profiles that surround it to a certain degree.

    If we increase PGF-2a locally then there is a degree of local inhibition toward fat redeposits as a result. If we do this often enough there is a notable alteration in local body composition to consider. This is one reason that a PGF-2a depot is effective as a localized fat reduction product.

    Training triggers a degree of inflammation that is in part due to increased PGF-2a . "

  10. I tend to agree that spot reduction thru exercise is not possible. My old man does a ton of sit-ups 2x daily for years w/ little to no results. I guess it could be possible though. Very interesting. Yeah, the whole forearm/calf idea was not convincing.

  11. Well, i spoke with someone about this and the response was "Interesting but I am not certain. I will look in some research on related ideas and see if I can find something. It may be possible but I would hesitate to say that it would be overly effective." Not an exact quote but something along those lines.

  12. the thing is , how much would one need to do to see any sort of result from this ? ofcourse a decent diet etc would be irreplacable , but i remember a britney spears interview where she said she normally does 600-1000 sit ups in a day ! i was like wtf !?

  13. need to forget your Britney Spears obsession. Unless, you have a secret singing and dancing career you do not tell anyone about.

  14. dude lol , did u forget she's hot as **** !!!??

  15. I don't agree with this post simply because many men who do not workout but are lean except in the mid-section do tons of situps thinking this is going to get rid of their belly and it does not make an improvement whatsoever.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by RONIN
    I don't agree with this post simply because many men who do not workout but are lean except in the mid-section do tons of situps thinking this is going to get rid of their belly and it does not make an improvement whatsoever.
    tons ? are u sure ? cos i know very few people who do thousands of sit ups a day .

  17. Quote Originally Posted by raybravo
    tons ? are u sure ? cos i know very few people who do thousands of sit ups a day .

    especially good/strict/functional situps. Majority of people that do large volumes of situps are simply flailing their body around with the work load not forced onto the abdomen.

  18. just start doing them 3-4 times per day and see how it goes. what is the worst that is going to happen?

  19. usher the singer said he dose sometimes 1000 set up..................he got pretty good 6 packs there. i thnk the mid section muscles are diffrent than any muscle in the body

  20. I like the the part about the part of the body that gets trained will change its chemistry, environment, etc. I think that it may fall along the lines of the theory that states "If you train bodyparts with a higher repetition, longer enduring type of anerobic excercise, or even aerobic exc. that your muscles will try and take the form of slow-twitch to fast-twitch (Type 1 to Type 2) or vice versa.

    I mean you look at an endurance athlete and they are shredded. You look at a big BB'er and they will have a harder time getting shredded as if an endurance type athlete would perhaps diet down and the appropriatte measures would be taken. After the fact of course that they would be using higher reps and higher endurance to a FAR greater extent than that of the BB'er. I think that the more blood flow and even in this case with the lactic acid burn while doing higher reps more frequently when we're working out will in fact have an effect that was spoken of. Hell, I'll try it out, nothing really to lose right?

  21. yes , i'm going to try it soon as well , as soon as my exams get over in a month .

  22. what i dont get, if you consistantly work a muscle and are burning calories, just in truth how could it NOT get bigger? seems weird to think that you could work out and not get better.

  23. well , it becomes aerobic work , at that rep range , so u dont get bigger .

  24. Really bigger is not the original issue here it is spot reduction of fat. And by the likes of it if you train a muscle over and over again the muscle itself does not always get bigger in truth. But again that is not the issue here it is lose of fat. Not busting on you I just was setting the record straight this has become quite a long thread and is also quite a debate.

  25. thats what i meant is leaner, which now im not sure if thats it either just tired and couldnt think of the word, sorry.. haha


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