lean mass stack...in need of info

  1. lean mass stack...in need of info

    looking forward to some positive feedback from the personal on this forum...well i just finished a 10wk stack consisting of clen (3wks on,3wks off,3wks on), cytomel (4wks during off wk of clen) and 300mg of test enanthate.....greatly decreased bodyfat to probably aroound 8-10% and went from 210lbs-182lbs...increased vascularity and muscle mass obtained...now i wanna start a stack that would increase my muscle mass and maintain my leaness...i've been thinking about taking tren ace,winstrol and test with the ECA stack thrown in,problem is which test? i've read test prop is the test to combine, but i ran into some major acne last time i took test prop and dont wanna go in that direction again...need help on designing a stack that would meet these requirements...can anyone outhere on the forum lend me a helping hand,would very much appreciate it...thanx guys

  2. finish ur cycle. run ur pct. take adequate time off. then begin ur next cycle. looks like u just want to jump right into a new cycle which is the WRONG way to go about it.

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