Looking to take it to the next level

  1. Looking to take it to the next level

    Ive been taking mass fx for 3 an half weeks. now im looking to take off a month and start a new cycle with something more stronger. ive been hearing that h-drol or halodrol is very good and milder on the side effects. does anyone have any suggestions about any pro hormones that work really well cuz i dont want a bunch of water weight that will eventually go away. by the way im 5'10 175 plz let me know thx...

  2. Epistane or sdrol/mdrol

  3. s-drol has the possibility of some pretty neg sides, it is a powerful ph. I would stick with the epistane if i were you, unless you have had more experience with that type of ph. Epistane is fairly mild, and doesnt seem to have as many sides, just make sure you have correct PCT and good cycle maintenance such as joint/liver/prostate care. Good luck!

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