1. Cyclo-Bolan

    Hey guys. Question on the Cyclo-Bolan product by Infinite...

    If dosed twice a day (which is the highest I would go) I would be getting 30mg Superdrol and 25mg Halodrol. Is the 25mg halodrol even worth taking or would I better off with another Superdrol compound? This would be used for a recomp as opposed to a bulk/cut cycle.

    Does the lower dose of halodrol have something to do with the sublingual tabs?

    Or... should I just get a different product? For instance EST has a superdrol/furaz that I could run... but it seems the furaz is dosed quite low. Who knows.

    I have heard good things about the cyclo-bolan elsewhere... but I wanted AM opinions before I went on.

    Thanks much,


  2. I doubt 25mg of hdrol would do anything..

    Just get S-roid, it's 19$ right now.

  3. not enough hdrol to really reap the benefits and thats way too much superdrol.

    my suggestion is to look into t-roid, hdrol, havoc...or a stack of 2 of those.

    superdrol needs lots of carbs if u want to be able to get out of bed....which means its not optimal for a recomp

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