fina conversion question/opinion

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    fina conversion question/opinion

    What do you guys think: Just convert fina using the coffee filter method or convert it into a powder using heet, then make it into an injectable? IS the former method worth the trouble?

  2. IMO, making an injectable prep with fina is the only logical choice.

    If you don't plan on processing multiple batches just get a kit.


  3. The only advantage to the crystal fina method is a better control of the concentration in your final product. Instead of getting a ballpark mg/ml figure, you can actually weigh the powder and get a nearly exact measurement.

    If that's important to you, then it may be worth the extra work. A few mg's either way doesn't matter to me, so I would take the easy route.


  4. I agree... just get a kit... it's so easy and just as moto said a few mg isn't going to put any dent in the cycle. Just keep the conversion precise and not waste any of the crushed pellets. And I'm sure I'm stating the obvious, but it's always best to dump vial B(oil) into vial A(disolved pellets) as it won't allow for any residue to be left behind in the first vial and will keep the mg/ml more accurate to the kit's ratio.

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