M1-T and drug test

  1. M1-T and drug test

    Hello everyone at anabolicminds.com . I was looking into doing a 2 week on and 2 week off and then 2 week on cycle of M1-T 10mg/day and was curious if anyone had any info on how long this product would stay in my system. I would like to know so that I know the amount of time that I need to space out my cycle for when I have to take the drug test for football. I have already done cycles of T1pro and One+. I am currently 21 yrs old 6'0'' 185....

    would appreciate all your input...

  2. I am not sure. Maybe you could PM chemo, he might know. I would say not very ong due to the short half life, but I am not positive on a set amount of time.

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