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  1. Unhappy Prostate problems

    I guess the test is finally starting to kick in because I was up all night last night with some pretty bad pain in my prostate, I've never experienced this before. I hadn't been taking my saw palmetto because I hadn't had any problems, which was a stupid move and I should have been taking it as a preventative measure. I started dosing it today. My question to you guys is do you think I should stop the gear or keep using it along with the saw palmetto and only discontinue the gear if the problem persists? I'm sure the problem is DHT derived, so the saw palmetto should help out, but I don't want permanent damage or anything. Have any of you experienced prostate discomfort? What are your opinions/experiences?

  2. go buy finaturide @ powernutrition it will work much better for reearch.....If you haven't noticed I have a key not working.s...ssssssssssssssssss sssssssss now it won't damnit

  3. yep keep the cycle and start on the finasteride now. I've never seen much improvement with saw palmetto, but I'm taking more androgens than most.

  4. i was just looking on the site, who is finasteride made by?

  5. my bad i see its a liquid, sorry for the stupidity...............

  6. Yes it is made by Lion Nutrition

  7. Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it. The pain is a bit better day, but what's worrying me is I'm having abdominal pain also, which I assume is my bladder since the prostate relates to it. I'll keep mega dosing this saw palmetto until I get some finasteride, I hope the ol' boy holds up..

  8. yeah that little prostat can cause a hell of a lot of pain. but are you sure it's your prostate. U might need to see a doc.

  9. I have the same problems if I don't take the finasturide....I hate going to piss and havnig a bribble bribble drop ......with the finasturide I can put a fire out across the street......

  10. Quote Originally Posted by fireman
    yeah that little prostat can cause a hell of a lot of pain. but are you sure it's your prostate. U might need to see a doc.
    I'm pretty sure its my prostate, since the pain is so localized and not a broad ache or anything. I'm going to give it the one week rule: wait it out for a week and if it's not gone, go to the doctor. Luckily the one week rule has worked pretty well so far, I hope it does this time as well.

  11. Get yourself some Beta Sitosterol. It is what causes saw palmetto to be beneficial. You may want to adjust the drugs that you are using.

  12. What your likely experiecing as far as bladder pain goes is inflamation due to the "backing up" of the urine. I have battled prostate/slash inflamed bladder neck probles for the last 18 months after a long cycle.

    Do you feel like you can not void completely?

    Do you feel like it takes you longer than normal to get your urine stream moving and when it does move does it feel restricted or less volume than normal?

    Let me know.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by windwords7

    Do you feel like it takes you longer than normal to get your urine stream moving and when it does move does it feel restricted or less volume than normal?

    Let me know.
    Actually that's the odd part, I've had pain but no swelling, my urine stream is fine. I have no trouble getting it out, same volume and velocity, and I urinate just as frequently.

  14. Be carfeul with finasteride. It can cause problems in some users.

  15. winwords7 has hit it on the head ....I hate thinking about it's not fun .that is the best full blown description I've seen. It may take time to get that bad
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    I don't want you to panic bro, but your prostate is nothing to fool around with. Just 2 days ago, my sister and I went to NH for a wake for my cousin who died of prostate cancer...... he was 47. About a year ago, he saw a doctor because he was having trouble peeing. Next thing he knew he was in for surgery, but they got it too late, it spread outside the prostate. So it was chemo + radiation and hope for the best. Didn't happen unfortunately, passed on the day after Christmas. His brother, who is my age, started having the same problem but he was lucky enough to catch his in time. He had surgery and now seems to be ok.

    I know my cousins are statistical anomalies, but that hardly matters to their wives and children. I'm not implying you have cancer nor do I want to give you any more stress about it than you already have. My only intention is to underscore the point that you shouldn't wait even 1 day. Prostate cancer is a killer once it spreads.

    If you're having problems of any kind, PLEASE call your doctor TODAY and get it checked out. It's probably nothing serious, but at least it will put all concerns behind you.

    Best of luck.

  17. hey windwords i too have the problem of not feeling like i am gettting a full stream goin. it takes a few to get it goin.

    if you guys take the finastride can you take that with nolva?

  18. finasteride is an anti-androgen correct? It actually limits the conversion to DHT which will definitely remove some of the punch from your cycle. Your discomfort sounds to me like it might be some other ailment since pain in your stomach is not on the classic list of syptoms for bph. Get it checked man, could be something even more serious.


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