using dthc and trifecta stack together.

  1. using dthc and trifecta stack together.

    new here so i hope this is the right forum for this. Im a 37 year old army soldier in iraq training as harrd as i can, when not out running missions.ive gotten the diesel test hard core and been on it about a week. i ordered the trifecta stack about the same time as the dthc but it was on back order and i tought well it wont be here for a while. but now its here. so should i take both at the same time or should i do one or the other? im new to the prohormone thing but im getting older and the protien creatine thing doesnt do what it used to. ive read alot on here and its a little confusing with all of the products out there. any help would be well recieved. thanks guys.

  2. You would want to use the DTH in the PCT part of the cycle, when you're not on any PHs. So use it with the formadrol xtreme.

  3. cool thanks.

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