Best place for liquidex?

  1. Best place for liquidex?

    Any suggestions?

  2. yes use letrozole it's a better product ...Powernutrition has it and it's flavored ....they have great fast service

    Letrozol is femera, which is an anti-estrogen.

    Femara is 10-30x more effective than Arimidex in it's ability to pass thru the cell membrane of lipid (fat) cells and inhibit the activity of aromatase -- in other words, Femara is far superior in lowering estrogen levels in fat cells. This has two benefits for BBs; (1) Estrogen 'attracts' water, so less water retention (2) an average male BB is around 10%BF, that's a lot of lipid cells with aromatase inside them, so a substantial percentage of aromatase is left untouched by Arimidex due to it's poor ability to enter lipid cellsArimidex is approximately 80% effective at inhibiting aromatase, Femara is around 95-97%

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  3. Thanks for the tip

  4. no problem

  5. Do you know the what the equivalent doseage of Letro compared to arimidex?

  6. post a new thread with the question....I can't comment on dosing bottle lasts around 12 weeks


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