Adding Winstrol Oral to Spawn cycle

  1. Adding Winstrol Oral to Spawn cycle

    I was reading some time ago about this theory, Winstrol would prevent the tren from converting to progesterone, because benefit may be its ability to antagonize or block progesterone from binding to receptors

    And So I think adding winstrol to Spawn cycle for cutting purposes and prevent gyno.

    Do you think winny works well for to prevent progesterone based gyno ? any experience?

    Maybe too toxic cycle for liver ?

    I read in somewhere "The use of Winstrol is also an effective method of controlling progesterone-induced gyno, as it is anti-progestagenic. An effective dose appears to be in the vicinity of 50mg eod (depot) or 30 to 35mg/day (tabs) although this dose may require increasing depending on the doses being employed in the stack."

  2. dude your joints will not be feeling good.. spawn is hell.. throw winni in there and your gonna feel like an old man

  3. Hmmmm......winn wont block progestin sides from anything I have ever heard.
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