Got some gear in the fat

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    ...then he goes MAN! And you cry a little inside...
    that is hilarious! Man I have not watched maury in probably 10 years.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mmzawa View Post
    Wat was the length of the need u were using 1" or 1 1/2"?
    Because im about to start pinning and i plan to do it in my ass.
    Supposed to pin on the cheek of your ass. LOL, i laughed so damn hard

  3. I use the 1 1/2". And I make sure its ALL the way in.

  4. I used a 1" in my glute and it gave me problems......switched to quads and was a lot better. If I did it in glutes again, I would use a 1 1/2".

  5. i know your suppose to use a 25 gauge for your quads. But is it ok to use a 23 gauge? I only have 23. I can order some more but just curious.

  6. I used a 25g the majority of the time but did use a 23g here and there. Honestly I could not tell a difference. I might would even use a 23g next time because it was easier to push the oil out.


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