4ad propinate?

  1. 4ad propinate?

    anyone taken it? What is the effective dose? What dose will compare to 1gm of test per week?

  2. -No
    -At least a gram
    -2.5 grams or so

  3. thank you for the info, 2.5 grams is the dose i will do then.
    Anyone else with some comments?

  4. If you're gonna pin it, why not just do 1g of test instead of 2.5g of 4-AD? Anyone can buy syno and do a conversion to get real test prop.

  5. I agree, and if you're skeptical about the syno conversion, just get a kit

  6. agreed, i'll probably end up doing that.
    All of my syno conversions have had estrogen left, and yes i did use dazed's kit.

  7. How did you know that it still had estro? Did you have it tested?

  8. Perhaps you didnt rinse long enough with the distilled water

  9. i knew because when i went on regular prop from china my gyno quickly subsided.
    And i rinsed it for about 8 hours.

    I'm gonna give it another shot and hope for the best. The filters he includes with the kit are really crappy and take a long time

  10. Maybe you should buy extra Estrogen Solubilizer and add to the mix to make sure you get all the estro out.

  11. I didn't use a kit and didn't seem to have any problems getting the E out. I let mine sit for awhile to react though, overnight.

  12. I have used it, quite a bit actually. I like it better then 4 ad cyp, and because of the ester you can actually use less then you would of 4AD cyp. 200lb BB, can use 1000mg 4 ad prop per week instead of the 1200-1400 that you would with 4 ad cyp.
    I think 4ad cyp at around 1400-1600 is pretty close to about 800-900mg of test cyp. so i would say the prop version should be around 1200-1400 for the same mg. up it if needed.


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