Calling Chemo m1t question please

  1. Calling Chemo m1t question please

    I just ordered and received my 10 bottles of amt m1t from
    I have read and have decided that i will take teh m1t once a day. Will it give me a better pump if i take an hour before the gym? I wanna start with 10 then move to 20. do you recommend doing 20 on my second week and doing a 2 week cycle or a 4 week cycle. i want to get the most gains out of this. I also have some 4-androstenediol and 19-norandrostenediol. do you recommend stacking them all together or no? thanks in advance

  2. i guess chemos not here anyone else that can help?

  3. do a little searching on here.. there a ton of threads on dosage.. Please because I don't know of anyone is going to help you if you don't try and help yourself

  4. Since you bought 10 bottles from the board sponsor I'll offer my input

    <IF this is your first cycle>
    Start with 5 mg ED and continue for the duration of the cycle. The increased strength and intensity will present after it reaches therapeutic levels...usually within a few days. As for cycle duration, I would recommend 4 weeks at 5 mg. This may not produce the absolute mass explosion that some report but it will build muscle slowly and help with keepable gains (of course, this is just my opinion). In addition, the sides will either be completely eliminated or reduced to barely noticeable. An ideal stacking agent would be a transdermal 4-AD.

    <IF you have experience with prior cycles>
    Start with 10 mg ED and continue for the duration of the cycle. Some may recommend going to 20 mg and beyond but this is not a "who's got bigger balls" contest. The intent is to dose the lowest amount possible and still illicit the desired gains. As for cycle duration, 2 weeks is the "normal" recommendation but the fact is YOUR cycle will be determined by YOUR gains. The reason that most cite 2 weeks is that there have been reports of a slow in addition, recovery is that much easier = more keepable mass. An ideal stacking agent would be test prop.

    <IF you are a hardcore vet and can listen to your body>
    Don't go above 20 mg ED...regardless of who says it will be OK. Stack it with test prop or test enth for a kick ass jumpstart. Some report less gains than straight M-1-T but I've noticed QUALITY mass. IMO, quality over quantity.

    Hope this helps...


  5. thanks for your help. i do have previous experience with dbol so i will start with 10mg ed and continue on. say if i did stack 600mg ed of 4-diol and 19nor diol could i get good results or to much on the liver.
    thanks again and ill always support the board by buying through pn

  6. 600 mg ED via oral administration? Go with a good transdermal carrier and you won't be dissapointed...


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    600 mg ED via oral administration? Go with a good transdermal carrier and you won't be dissapointed...


    Yes I agree big bump to that.

  8. where can I get a good 4ad and do I need it to have a successful cycle??

  9. Anywhere. Read.


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