Methadrol and length of cycle questions

  1. Methadrol and length of cycle questions

    Exactly 2 weeks into Methadrol-went from 218 to 227. Strength on all lifts has shot up fairly quickly. My arms feel really full(i notice that it is kind of difficult when I shave-if anybody knows what I am talking about). I'm also taking the testabolan while on the methadrol. I am very happy with the effectiveness of this product. Although I preferred to take the dymethazine instead(when I went to the Arnold Expo,they only had Methadrol and were not allowed to sell the Dymethazine there yet..I was bummed out..) Just thought i'd make a little log here for everyone to read.

    I have a question. I know that the longer you stay on a cycle the more likely you will be able to keep the gains. But being that injectables are illegal,us consumers have to go with the pill forms which have their side effects. I was considering doing the Methadrol for 4 to 5 weeks max,and finish up with say 4 or 5 weeks of Bold 200(as this has less sides). Does this seem like a logical plan? Does this make sense? I would also continue taking the testabolan the entire time and when i am completed with the cycle,I will go on the reversitol to bring the boys back.

    Any takers on this one? Has anyone tried something similar?

  2. you are aware methadrol is a superdrol clone right?

  3. 4-5 weeks of bold would be a waste imo as it needs to be run at 8-10 to see good results

  4. Its usually protocol to run methadrol right into PCT as it is horribly suppressive. I'd suggest you do that. If you continue to EAT [email protected][email protected]# and have an adequate PCT hten you should keep most of your gains.

    Also, i'd only run it 3 weeks. Could get away with 4 if gains keep coming, but i'd steer clear of 5.

  5. Thanks,to all that replied. I really do appreciate it,but let's say that i did the methadrol(aka superdrol clone) for 3 to 4 weeks max and then rolled right into 8 weeks of bold 200 as it is not as suppressive,and then take the pct like reversitol or novedex xt from gaspari etc...? I have taken bold 200 alone a couple of years ago although at a higher dose then recommended but I still gained some good strength and size off of it..about 12 lbs. in 2 months. So that would be a 3 month total cycle,the first month will have the harsh androgenic effects,then the last 2 months would be a lot less harsh with slower gains,followed by pct.

  6. Oh Nickrut, 3 to 4 weeks of superdrol clone,then pct? How about the oral boldenone after the 3 to 4 weeks, is my question,is it unwise to do that as far as the suppressive properties of the superdrol clone? Or are you suggesting do the pct with the boldenone? Or only the boldenone? Or should I just experiment with this and keep everyone updated? By looking at my plan,say roughly 4 weeks superdrol clone,then 8 weeks oral boldenone,then pct. Does that seem like a cycle that i should expect to retain most of the gains. My protein intake is about 1 and a half grams per lb body weight each day. I eat plenty of complex carbs,fruits, and some veggies,flaxseed oil,oatmeal,lots of water,protein shakes etc... so i have my caloric intake in order imo. I am a newbie to the forums,just thought I could get some input. Thanks to all that read my questions,I need some enlightenment.


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