Best place to buy SD?

  1. Best place to buy SD?

    Been looking around but have yet to find any significantly good deals...

  2. Well original SD is banned so..... ya. Plenty of clones out there, just search.

  3. Yeah i know that, wish i knew someone that shelfed a bunch before the ban. But since i dont im trying to find a decent mock for a price that isnt going to break the bank. Mdrol is leading the pack right now found it for around 26 not sure if anyone knows of a better deal though. CEL has decent goods.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by freqfly View Post
    Well original SD is banned so..... ya. Plenty of clones out there, just search.

    How can superdrol be banned but there are clones of it all over the place? Are they different than the original? If so, why do we call them superdrol clones?

  5. this is by far the best deal right now. but it might not be available much longer.

  6. nutraplanet offers Hardcore Formulations S-Roid for 19,99$

    I've tryed their Epidrol and it was legit stuff, had a good cycle. Also just ordered a bottle of S-Roid.....


  7. Hank was faster..... :-)


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