Source Protecting- Read!

  1. Source Protecting- Read!

    Something that needs to be said.......

    *First with the recent downfall (whenever it may be) of Pro Hormones, its inevitable some will choose to join the darkside. With that said, the only way they can join is with the goods, the only way to get the goods is to have a source for them. This is where come in. If you post educated questions, articles or responses in a steroid section of ANY board, you will be approaced by a newbie or even a vet, in someone inbetween for a source. Its only natural. With the number of people transfering to the darkside, you will be asked for one without a doubt. So its up to you whether you give it away ro not. But please think before you do. Remember the guy who wants to do a d-bol only cycle? or the guy who wanted to stack 8 PHs for maximum gains? Yea, that guy will be approaching you for a source, I hope to God you know what to tell them. Just kindly decline their request telling them you took months and months to run across a particular source (which a lot of us have done). Remember also, its your ass and your loss at stake you you go passing out sources to every clueless individual that ask....

    *Secondly we all know Ziplip now sends your IP or whatever when you use their e-mail. So my advice if you would like to keep your freedom is to get the hell away from Ziplip. Check out and set up a FREE secure e-mail account before you do anything. A lot of sources now will not even open mail from Ziplip.

    *Third If you would like a source checked out, I can do them as well as some other guys around here. My secure e-mail is [email protected] *Primary & [email protected] *Secondary. I will check your source, give you a "good to go" or a "stay away" and thats it. I will not give you a source, I will not lead you in the right direction unless I have known you for quite sometime and you need 1 piece to finish your puzzle, which is not likely, so do not ask me for one. I and other guys can only tell you to stay away from the source, if you choose to still go with him, its at your risk only, if he ****s you, not my fault.

    -Just some tips fellas, be ready for the Ex-PH user rush and PROTECT your source at all costs, you dont want to have to start all over again do you? Me either. Im not going to sticky this because we have 600 already, so if everyone would kindly BUMP this, It would be appreciated. YJ
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  2. bumpitty bump

  3. Good info man. Bump. Boys be sure and read this for everyone's sake.

  4. Good Post, Brother!!

    On a lighter note: I'm 17yrs old, 5'-11", 156lbs.. Can I get a source?


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  5. What about with synovex and fina. The hell with all these people SOURCES you got the 2 best drugs right there, hell one you can just plop in a transdermal bottle(the finaplix) and boom you got it instantly, no conversion easyl.

    In a sadistic way i hope ph's and 1-test is banned. You know why???

    Because im tired of these pricks who just come in their gym with their big arms but skinny neck and legs who only do mostly chest and front deltoid excercises or for the majority of their excercises. Im sick of hearing about teens doing this stuff.


  6. I asked for a bump, not your life story.

  7. A more serious BUMP than the last one I did..

    I did find a source at my job (Champs Sports? ) in the mall, rather.. I'm not sure if I should deal with him or not.. I'm sure I can find others, but I have no time for it..


    YJ, you got cyber-rights mail..

  8. Originally posted by bigpetefox

    YJ, you got cyber-rights mail..

    Damnit Pete, Creatine is legal you can buy it online or at GNC....
  9. cant agree with you more!

    I will be the first to help someone out that I have known for a while or to ponder back and forth with someone about this sorce or that sorce but let me be the first to say I paid my dues long ago.hell if I had the cash I lost by not knowing sorces and even by ones that were backed by good bros I would be in another income bracket.  But the way of the world is work for your stuff dont just ask someone for help find out info and if you keep looking you will do fine and find someone if not 10 someones that can help.  Just ask a vet or a mod then they might help but dont just say hey who do you use I am new.  and god forbid wait some time before you go crying scammer.  This is not a Kmart or Walmart fellas.  This is illigal as hell and trust me when I say it is 100 times worse for the person selling as it is for you the buyer so b patient and dont go blabbering out so and so scammed me because he got my money three days ago and I dont have my product yet.  That is how good sorces go bad ask anyone on here that has delt with this.



  10. good stuff

    members can feel free to contact any of the steroid mods to make a source check..  Im sure any of us would be more than willing to let you know if we have any info.


  11. Bump.

  12. Bump. Yeah I guess there will be a large influx of PH users who will turn to the dark side (like myself now that I think of it)

  13. the bad part is it more economical to do the juice..what a tick thats bad???? i meant good part.

  14. Originally posted by wojo
    the bad part is it more economical to do the juice
    This is true as well....  In addition it seems that some PH users subconsciously feel that Ph's are safer than using the real deal because of their legal status.  I suppose other people like the assurance of not having to worry about the law too.  I imagine alot more people will be performing the fina/syno conversion .  Just a hunch



  15. Guess BDC could start selling fina/syno kits if PHs go down. Maybe also transdermal fina/syno kits would be appropriate as well.

  16. Bump for YJ...stay safe.


  17. Bump for YJ..............Oh yeah welcome Aragorn, Ive seen you at CJM, your knowledge will be an asset.



  18. Originally posted by Bone
    Bump for YJ..............Oh yeah welcome Aragorn, Ive seen you at CJM, your knowledge will be an asset.


    Thanks Bone I appreciate it...guess this goes down as a bump


  19. LIST ME

  20. Originally posted by Bozz


  21. good got to remember that this game is serious. it can ruin people's lives if they are busted, ect. just be smart about it and not stupid! if you don't know someone, ex-they have been around for a long time, then don't give sources out especially if they are private ones. everyone should have to earn at least some trust before they just receive a source. be safe everyone


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