1. Progesterone

    What would happen if a male supplemented with progesterone?

  2. Possible prolacting

  3. Medroxyprogesterone has been given to men in very high doses as a form of contraception and also for chemical castration. Even so, there was almost no reported incidence of gynecomastia. What would happen is severe suppression of natural testosterone and spermatogenesis. Adrenal suppression is also a concern depending on which progestin is utilized.

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    Possible prolacting
    That's prolactin.

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    What would happen if a male supplemented with progesterone?
    If the man was low in progesterone, it could help raise libido, dopamine (which would actually prevent lactation), boost immunity, prevent osteoporosis, normalize estrogen and adrenal hormones, and help with prostate issues (via estrogen regulation and I believe it slows DHT formation).

    Of course if you aren't deficient, read Seth's post for things that could happen. If you are looking to use it as an anabolic, the risks heavily outway the benefits (if there are any).

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