e-form -vs- 6oxo

  1. e-form -vs- 6oxo

    how does E-form from dermabolics compare to 6oxo. I beleive it is formestane. Does anyone have any expereince with this product.


  2. A search will usually help.

  3. No experience with e-form, but since it's formestane it should ONLY be used on cycle as an anti-estrogen. Some people will tell you it's OK for post cycle, but since it's mildly anabolic I think it's defeating the purpose.

    6-oxo is typically used post cycle. Most people on here will tell you that you're throwing money away if you use 6-oxo because research chemicals such as nolva and clomid are much better.


  4. i liked it post cycle but only at 100mgs..actually derek cornelius only recommends 50 and 100 if needed and he sells it in 90 cap bottles..never tried 6-oxo..and im not sure how the trans(eform) would do aromazap had noticeable effects

  5. I hear that transdermal formestane is more powerful than letrozole. And i also read that you only utilize 1% of it orally. 40% plus transdermal. If i decide to use an anti-e on my next cycle, I think I'll give it a run. But I'll buy some BDC T-Gel and some formestane powder from Mike.

  6. sifu, I searched and got conflicting information.


  7. Formestane is supposed to be used on-cycle to reduce estrogen related effects like water retention. It would be an ineffective PCT.

    6-oxo ix the opposite. It works well PCT to boost test levels (while not quite as well as clomid/nolva), but would do very little on-cycle.

  8. 6oxo did not work well on me at all.Formastat and Aromazap have worked for me.Now i just do Nolva.Formastat is very effective at controlling estrogen.Much better than OXO and it isnt as androgenic as what "people" make it out to be.


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