4AD Supplier?

  1. Question 4AD Supplier?

    OK, I got 4 bottles of m1t on the way, and I'd like to buy 50-100 grams of 4AD before new years, and noticed that some sites say that they don't ship to CA, and some sites don't say. Has anyone in CA ordered any since whenever they frowned upon it? I'd like to stock up on some for my cat. Thanks for any advice. Also, if 4AD is really out of the question, would my cat really be better off anyway by going with 4OHT, he doesn't so much care about paying more for better results- I can tell he'd really rather just get burley. Thanks again.

  2. I dunno, but I'll bump this to the top. Talk about stupid though, one of the least harmful PH's you could possibly take, and we can't get it anymore. Figures.

  3. Power nutrition may still send it.

  4. I am thinking of going with PN, their site says nothing about not sending it. I guess since the state thinks it's better for us, maybe more m1t...hehe... Thanks again for the replies.

  5. Give them a PM or go to their site for live help. With a big order like that, I am sure that they will help you out somehow.

  6. I'm on and off their site building my cart as we speak...says live help unavailable, how do I PM them? I don't want to just do the "contact us" thing, I'd almost rather just place the order and see what happens...except that I'm going to have some other stuff on the order also- and I don't want to get something saying "we shipped everything BUT..." I've read a lot, and it seems like 4OHT and m1t are about the "strongest" of the currently legal supps...hmm... well, one way or another Thanks for the advice sifu.

  7. Click on the live help, and a box will pop up and they will help you, tell them that I said that they should be able to help you out. You can pm them on here, they sponsor most of the forums.

  8. I'll have to email them I guess, because their live help box says they'll have to get back to me, would PM be better- and if so, how do I PM them, as I haven't used that function before (a stupid question I know). Thanks for letting me use you as a reference. I appreciate it, I've seen your name on a lot of these threads.

  9. Just go to the main forum page on here, under each section you will see who it iss sponsored by. This one(pro hormones is sponsored by them). Just click on their name and select that you would like to PM them. Then tell them what you need. I do almost all of my business through them and soon to be designer supplements. Hope that helps.

  10. Very much so, thanks again sifu, I'm off to see the wizard

  11. I live in California and PN shipped me my 4-AD w/ no problems. In fact, I'm probably going to order a crap load of the powder to keep on hand.

  12. I think almost all of us are still sending things of this nature. I guess we are just waiting to get fined.

  13. Go with the people who help sponsor and pay for this board.

  14. I know KiloSports is not shipping 4-AD to California. They are the only ones I know of that are not at this time.

  15. Yeah, they have it on their product that they don't. What I do know is that I'm going to get it one way or another, and I'll buy a bunch of it all at once and then be done with it until this thing either blows over or pushes everyone underground. If I had to, I'd most likely use a re-shipper, but I don't want to- mostly because I don't think I should have to with something like 4AD. What I do know is that before this year ends, I will have what I need to keep my cat going for a few more winters. Thanks again for your insights- glad to see 1fast is sympathetic to the cause of animals, I consider such folks to be friends.

  16. Just purchase it from Power Nutrition. It's only $1.00 per gram. The reason for the 4-AD being illegal in California is because it falls under the Health and Safety code for possession of steroids, as it's listed as one of the steroid precursors. It was overlooked for many years until recently.


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