T1-Pro dosing

  1. T1-Pro dosing

    What do you think is the best way to dose t1-Pro. I was under the impression it was 1 squirt twice a day. This will be my first PH cycle. Do you guys think 5 grams of 1 test and 5 grams of 4ad is a good mixture. Thanks in davance for your replies.


  2. I think T-1 Pro is a great 1st cycle, and the 50/50 ratio is fine, but the new gel can hold up to 20g of powder. It will be underdosed with only 10g in there. I suggest 7.5g 1-test/7.5g 4AD, then 1 squirt twice a day will be a perfect dose. You won't start to see gains until the 2nd week, and your big gains will come in the 3rd/4th weeks. So stick with the dose & don't increase when you dont see anything yet by day 5 or whatever. If gains stall after like 4 weeks, only then condsider upping it. If you're still gaining, stick with the current dose. You'll never gain as easy as on your 1st cycle, no need to push it.

    If you do keep it only 10g, you may need to bump it up to 3 squirts a day after 2-3 weeks. PS- If you do use 3 squirts just split into 1 squirt morning & 2 night(or opposite), its too hard to get a half squirt out.

  3. How about the T-1 Pro that already good to go what is it 5g 1-5, 2.5g 4ad?

    How many suirts of then and when?

  4. longdog, can i order it like that , with 15 grams of PHs I though 10g was the max. I'm not comfortable "homebrewing" or anything like that. Thanks for your reply.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by enkri
    longdog, can i order it like that , with 15 grams of PHs I though 10g was the max. I'm not comfortable "homebrewing" or anything like that. Thanks for your reply.

    I forgot, the new t-gel is only in 4oz bottles, you will need 2 bottles then.

    The new BDC gels cam dissolve up to 20mg of PH powder per 8oz. I think you can order at least up to 15g, check Power Nutrition. Actually, I think all PN transdermals now come with the powder separate & you add it yourself.

    It's really easy if you have the t-gel, you'd be surprised. I'd give it a shot, I do all my own. Heat some water to just below boiling & take of heat. Vent the bottle of gel & put in the water for a few minutes. It will get more like a liquid, then slowly add the powder & shake the hell out of it. repeat this 2-3 times & you're done. let the gel cool & it will return to a gel/lotion state.

    I hear the brand new t-gel dissolves much better, so 1 step may be all you need.

  6. I just got 1 bottle and put 5g of 1T and 5g of 4ad in a 4oz bottle. I had a little of a hard time getting it all in there. Basically I added a few grams at a time and then shook the hell out of it and then added a few more. Once I had all 10g in it I set the bottle in very hot water nowhere nere boiling but hot then after a couple of minutes I started shaking again. It seems a little thick but I can't see any grains in the liquid when I look at it. I hoped by doing that all the powder would be completely dissolved and It wouldn't be to grainy.So far it seems to have worked but I haven't applied yet so I'll know for sure soon. I have a doctors appointment on friday to check my liver enzymes after that appt. I'll start my 1st cycle.


  7. If after everything its still a littel grainy, are you still getting enough in your system?? Or are you just simply rubbing the lotion in your skin and nothing else. I still have a few grains on my skin afterwards, I don't think its to bad but am I waisting it or even making a difference?

  8. A little grain is OK, Its pretty hard to totally eliminate all of it. But if the PH is undissolved in solution, it will have a much harder time penetrating your skin. I would try heating it for a few minutes & shaking it a couple more times. It can't hurt.

    The new gel can absorb much better than the old one, I havent tried it yet as I still have a few bottles of the last version.


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