Thinking of running epistane.....

  1. Thinking of running epistane.....

    Need to get some blood tests done first though, if these come out to be healthy then I will cycle.

    Just a quick couple of questions:

    1. I plan to dose at 30mg/day but do you think I should start the first couple of days something like 10/20/20/30?

    2. For PCT, do you think you can get away with running something like reversitrol with milk thistle, this is what a friend of mine used and his test levels were back to normal in a month dosing reversitrol at 3-3-2-1.

    Or do you think a SERM is a definite need for this DS?

  2. 1.) Yes.. 10, 20 then 30's fine. i recommend 30/30/40/40 (4 wks)

    2.) Yes, epis mild, rev should work fine but i would grab a serm just in case.. thats just me

  3. +1 for nsmoney.

    I would keep the dose up like he said. I'm coming to the end of my second week and things are going well with it right now. I basically did 30 the first week and moved up to 40 for the second week. Getting stronger in the gym. Losing fat as well.

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