Just another T1-Pro result thread.

  1. Talking Just another T1-Pro result thread.

    Ok I was coming off a cutting cycle (no PH's used, just a diet/cardio type "cycle" ) so I was ready to winter bulk.

    Anyways I used 4 squirts per day (2 pumps in the am and 2 pumps in the pm). Yes I said FOUR pumps EVERY DAY. THis was using the 240ml 10 gram of 1-T + 5 grams 4AD bottle.

    I went up from 207 at about 9% b/f to 221 currently at about 11% b/f, 5'11", age 31. I am just starting my 5th week. So 14lbs in 4 weeks, not bad. I did not increase my calories very much, but on the weekends I did eat whatever I felt like eating. I work out M-F and the weekends I just eat eat eat and sleep.
    Strength is up across the board.

    nothing really. My balls have shrunk somewhat, but my libido is NOT down, it is still raving mad. Odd.
    Lethargy is there, but I take either an ECA stack or the EAS Thermodynamax prior to workout. Also, I have added Carbo Rush, that I drink throughout each workout. I really think the Carbo Rush has helped my stamina and allowed me to stack on more volume while on the PH's.

    I take muti/min tabs. extra 2 grams of vit C. NAC, ALA, milk thistle.
    Labrada MRP packs 3x day.
    SAN Infusion, one scopp + 2 cups of skim milk before bed.

    2 bottles of 6oxo
    Nolva tabs
    Clomid tabs
    6 weeks of PCT

    Next cycle MAY be m1t, gotta jump on the bandwagon I guess or another T1-pro cycle.

    Cutting begins feb 15 2004.

  2. you'll love m1t bro, its off the hizzie

  3. Sounds like a great cycle, those are excellent results.

    That may be a little overkill on the PCT. I would suggest using the Nolva with either the Clomid or 6-oxo, not all 3. 4 weeks PCT should be plenty. I am pretty sure 6oxo & clomid work in similar ways & there's no benefit to taking both. I normally use Nolva alone for 4 weeks following a 6 week cycle. I have used 6-oxo along with nolva & I recovered much faster. I have bad mood swings from Clomid, so I am done with that stuff.

    If you can handle that large of a 1-test dose, you'll love M1t. Take some 4ad with the M1t, the lethargy is about double what I get from transdermal 1-test. I am going to take transdermal 4ad/OHT with my M1t in about 6 weeks. The OHT helps the lethargy too.

  4. If your BF%'s are correct it's only 8.3lbs in four weeks. Not to be a ball buster but you don't count fat gains as anything possitive.

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