:chick: Hello Going to try Doctor Ds pulse cycle and am thinking of 1 of either M-drol or phera I am leaning towards M-drol what do you bros think.

  2. stronger in terms of what? what are your goals?>

  3. mg for mg mdrol is stronger....

  4. m-drol is stronger regardless of goals. Except maybe bloat. It's still close.

  5. on paper pheraplex is stronger, but users seem to think mdrol is stronger. I'd go with mdrol also.

  6. i've done both

    m-drol was stronger in terms of lean mass and strength gains

    phera made me look MUCH bigger than m-drol did but the strength gains weren't nearly as much and i deflated once i discontinued use.

    but m-drol makes me feel like death.

  7. i liked p plex better. m-drol just made me feel run down made me look better than p-plex. my joints felt better on p plex though so i was more comfortable using heavy weight.

    i like p plex much more than m drol.


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